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Solutions and Services at 54 North

54 North is dedicated to empowering retailers with modular, scalable, and cost-effective solutions. Our approach ensures you see value from the outset, with the flexibility to grow at your pace.

Modular Solutions for Tailored Success

Our solutions are designed to be implemented in phases, allowing you to select exactly what you need, when you need it. This strategic flexibility means you can enhance existing systems or processes without overhauling your infrastructure. Key benefits include:

  • Successful Implementations: Proven strategies that deliver results.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Low operational costs with options for licensing or SaaS/hosted services.
  • Rapid Deployment: Start with a pilot and quickly scale up to full deployment.
  • Scalability: Begin small and expand as your business grows, at your own pace.

Core Services

At 54 North, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to elevate your business to new heights. From advanced price management to predictive demand analytics, our 10 core services harness the power of AI, machine learning, and decades of industry expertise. Each solution is meticulously crafted to optimise operations, enhance customer engagement, and drive profitability. Whether you're looking to refine your pricing strategy, master stock optimisation, or unlock the potential of customer personalisation, 54 North has the tools and insights to transform your business. Explore our services to discover how we can help you navigate the complexities of the retail landscape and achieve sustained success.

Price Management, Execution & Optimisation

Most retailers use very simple pricing rules based on fixed gross margins. Until trading begins and sales come through, a retailer can never tell if the initial price they have is right. Learn how to get ahead of the curve to retain brand integrity and margin protection without destroying price perception.

Promotions Management, Execution & Optimisation

Retailers have traditionally not been able to plan, forecast and measure strategic promotions, resulting in lost ROI on marketing and promotional investments. Learn how to proactively and strategically manage, execute and optimise promotions.

Markdown Management, Execution & Optimisation

Most retailers ​​have no idea what the right discount is for the right product, in the right channel, at the right time, that meet inventory and profit goals. Learn how to benefit from ROI at the first markdown by measuring ongoing effectiveness, adapting to trends and moving offers from one price step to another.

Vendor & Supplier Deals Management

One of the biggest opportunities for profit improvement is optimising the negotiations with suppliers. Better buying requires optimised negotiations and hold credible information on the performance of suppliers. Learn how to improve the business relationship with each of your suppliers and get the best Trade Agreements, Cost Pricing and Financing for Events.

Stock Optimisation

(Dynamic Allocation & Replenishment Profiles)

Retailers today need a more dynamic and reactive approach to managing stock that deals with the realities of modern multi-channel retailing. Changing consumer patterns and instantaneous trends are putting more and more pressure on inventory managers, whose natural reactions are to increase depth of stock holdings to deal with volatility. Learn how to tackle these modern retail challenges and set the strategic policies of stock supply, ensuring the best decisions and recommendations for each product.

Demand Forecasting

(Basic Item, Promotional Uplift, Sell-Thru Forecasting)

Today’s consumer demands more than ever – flexible options, convenience, competitive prices, excellent service, and as always, the product they want when and where they want it. As a retail business, demanding more from core processes and technologies is essential to meeting customer expectations and growing sales, market share, and loyalty. Learn how you can transform your retail business and increase total top-line sales with better demand forecasting.

Demand Analytics

(Price Elasticity, Clustering, Cannibalisation, Halo)

The successful digital transformation of your business is always demanding more – existing and new solutions alike must capitalise on analytics to translate massive amounts of data into an ever-clearer picture of consumer buying behaviour. It’s now paramount to use a mixture of predictive demand analytics, advanced statistical methods, artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning (ML), mountains of sales data, and years of unmatched retail demand expertise to drive accuracy improvements. Learn how to grow profits through better demand analytics.

Demand Profiling

(Seasonal, Size, Allocation, Price Zone Profiles)

Demand Profiling is an important strategic tool used in the predictive analytics domain of supply chain management and is the basis of inventory and logistics profiling. Learn how to reduce waste in your supply chain.

Customer Analytics & Personalisation

Today’s retailers must use customer data to create personalised customer journeys to strengthen buyer relationships. Insights from this data allow retailers to tailor specific product lines and niches based on customer profiles and interests. Learn how to improve your advertising returns (ROAS) through better customer analytics and personalisation.

Weather-Driven Demand Profiling

Weather affects product-level demand across geographies and throughout the year. Learn how to proactively manage weather volatility to significantly boost sales & profitability.


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