About Us

About Us: Pioneering Retail Innovation

54 North is the culmination of decades of innovation, leadership, and success in retail and technology. Our journey is marked by driving the growth of three pivotal companies: Arthur, Planalytics, and Profimetrics. Each has significantly impacted the retail sector, introducing groundbreaking solutions that have shaped the industry.

Arthur: Setting the Standard in Merchandise Planning

Founded in 1986, Arthur quickly became the global leader in merchandise planning solutions for retailers. With over 200 retail customers worldwide by the early 90s, Arthur pioneered a whole consulting industry around merchandise planning solutions. Its 'Enterprise Suite' facilitated critical activities like store planning and results analysis, making it a multimillion-dollar company with a global footprint in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, South Africa, and Australia.

In 1998, Arthur was acquired by Blue Yonder (formerly JDA Software Group Inc), a world leader in digital supply chain and omni-channel commerce fulfilment, further testament to Arthur's revolutionary impact on retail.

Planalytics: Mastering Predictive Weather-Driven Demand Analytics

Launched in 1994, Planalytics emerged as a multimillion-dollar enterprise, serving clients across all retail sectors and global consumer product companies. Recognized as the global leader, Planalytics specializes in predictive weather-driven demand analytics, enabling businesses to anticipate consumer buying decisions with more precision.

Planalytics applies AI, machine learning, and advanced statistical methods to analyze over 40,000 product and service categories, helping retailers and manufacturers make more precise and profitable decisions. Its analytics are integral for improving reporting, planning, allocation, and marketing strategies, making it a powerful, scalable, and frictionless solution for retail.

Profimetrics: Revolutionising Pricing Lifecycle

Founded in 2005, Profimetrics is part of the ITIM Group PLC and has been delivering proven results for over 20 years. With 40+ retail clients, it leads in pricing optimisation in Latin America. Profimetrics combines AI, machine learning, and advanced forecasting to optimize millions of prices daily, offering a testament to its effectiveness and the sustained relevance of its solutions.

Our Legacy and Future

The continuous success and influence of Arthur, Planalytics, and Profimetrics underscores our vision and 54 North's mission: to drive retail and technology companies towards unparalleled growth and innovation. With each company still thriving, adding new clients, and staying at the forefront of technology, 54 North continues this tradition of excellence, helping businesses navigate the complexities of the modern retail landscape.


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